Our mission is to help you discover your PURPOSE, live in POWER, and live out your God-given POTENTIAL!

Meet The Pastors

Stephen & Angela Dela Cruz

Stephen & Angela met while in bible college in 2005. When they first met each other, Angela told Stephen "you are going to be my best friend". They got together and got married in 2009. 

They openly admit they are the biggest sinners around and they wanted to create a Christian Church that loves Jesus, preaches from the Bible but would love and accept them in spite of their flaws and struggles. This is why Living Faith Church is known as 'a church for sinners by sinners'. They were on staff at multiple other churches as associate pastors but got tired of the church politics, judgmental and hypocritical nature of many churches. 

They have always been passionate about people. It is their personal life mission to help people become fulfilled, successful and flourishing. Starting this church is one of the ways they hope to accomplish this mission. 

They are entrepreneurs and run multiple companies in various industries. Stephen is a sought after business coach, hypnotherapist and life coach. He has published 3 best selling books and has spoken on corporate states internationally training business professionals in sales, marketing and leadership. He has been featured on Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, ABC, NBC, FOX, USA Today, and many more publications. 
Angela is an actress, Youtuber and has over 200,000 followers on her social media platforms 

With Stephen's quirky and corny humor, he does his best to deliver messages that will inspire, encourage, and life giving!

Since this is a start up church, the church currently meets in their downtown penthouse in San Diego east village. 

They can't wait to meet you!

What To Expect When Visiting Living Faith Church

  • Intimate Gathering : This is a start up church & we are a small group of passionate individuals that make up this community. 
  • Praise & Worship : We love to worship Jesus through music and song. At every service, we will have a time of worship.
  • Prayer : No matter what is going on in life, prayer to God is the vehicle to create change on this earth. In our services, we pray!
  • ​Sermons : Our messages are life giving, uplifting, encouraging and you will feel refreshed and encouraged by the messages preached.
  • ​Community : After service we have a little afterparty on the rooftop to make friends, build community and do life together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Living Faith Church?

There are so many amazing churches around the area! We felt God has called us to start a church that is "for sinners by sinners" meaning! Our leaders don't claim to be perfect so we wanted to create a church that is inclusive, nonjudgmental, accepting of everyone and we wanted to create a church that would accept us for who we are... imperfect people, who are on this journey of faith.
We are a Christian Charismatic Nondenominational Church. We believe in  God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we preach from the Bible, we are traditional in our church service but without all the judgments and politics of most churches. 

What affiliation is Living Faith Church?

What Does Living Faith Church Believe? 

You can find a full statement of beliefs at this link here : https://livingfaithsd.com/beliefs
Not at all! Everyone is on their own faith journey and we respect that. It is our goal to help you develop into a relationship with Jesus, but wherever you are in that process we don't judge but accept you into our family regardless of where you are in your journey. 

Do I Have To Be A Christian To Attend Church?

Where Does Living Faith Church Meet?

We are in the start up phase of this church currently meeting at Stephen & Angela's penthouse apartment in an intimate setting for church service in the Idea1 building in Downtown San Diego East Village.
We have a big mission to help lead people to discover their purpose, live in power and live out their God-given potential. We need all the help we can get from passionate and dedicated volunteers like you! Attend our church service and speak to Stephen about getting involved to support this mission/vision.

Since This Is a Startup Church Plant, How Can I Get Involved?

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